The 65th Anniversary of Burma Union Day celebration in Sydney, Australia

Burma’s Ethnic and Democratic Forces in Sydney organised an event on February 12th 2012, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Burma Union Day. KAA was invited to attend the event and celebrate together with other ethnics of Burma. KAA members from Sydney participated with Kachin traditional dance also with a formal speech from KAA-NSW President which informed Kachin perspective of Union Day and also delivered a message about current crisis in Kachin land.

On February 12th 1947, ethnic leaders of Chin, Kachin, Shan and Burman leader General Aung San signed Panglong Agreement at Panglong Conference in the Shan State, Burma. The Union of Burma gained its independence from British on January 4th 1948, because of the agreement made between the ethnic groups. After independence, every February 12th has been annually celebrated as the Union Day to commemorate the Panglong Agreement.

65th Burma Union Day Sydney 2012

President of KAA-NSW giving a speech at the 65th Burma Union Day Sydney 2012

65th Burma Union Day Sydney 2012

Kachin dance performance at the 65th Burma Union Day Sydney 2012

The 65th Burma Union Day Message from KAA, 2012