On the 5th of August 2006, Kachin Association of Australia (KAA) was first established in Sydney, Australia, and after that on 25th April 2008 the Kachins living in Melbourne also formed KAA Melbourne chapter. Formation of this organisation is for the benefits of all Kachin living in Australia and overseas. The objectives are:

  • To assist the newly-arrived Kachin people by providing community support and guidance to effectively settle in, embrace Australian values, understand the Australian way of life, and integrate into the Australian Society
  • To establish local and international community links and networks with Kachins in Burma and in all parts of the world, regardless of Kachin ethnic background and religious orientation in support of the unity among Kachin
  • To promote an awareness of the Kachin ethnicity and its culture in Australia
  • To protect, preserve and respect our ancestral traditions for future generations of Kachin in Australia
  • To participate in the humanitarian assistance program to onshore and offshore Kachin refugees, and displaced Kachin from Burma
  • To support freedom and human rights for Kachin and genuine democracy in Burma
  • To make a positive contribution towards the greater common good for Australia