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The 3rd Kachin Combined Camp in Australia 2013

The 3rd Kachin Combined Camp 2013

Since the first Kachin combined camp in December 2009, a decision has been made to hold Kachin camp in every second year.

Kachin Association of Australia 2nd Combined Camp

KAA 2nd combined camp

It has been two years since KAA’s first Australia wide combined camp was successfully taken place in Sydney 2009 December 27th – 29th. The decision was made to have the next KAA Combined camp in Melbourne in 2011. It was also agreed by the KAA members that the KAA combined camp to be held every second year. Subsequently, as of that time members of KAA in Melbourne brainstormed and elected leaders in organising the best camp they can potentially host.

The 2nd Kachin combined camp, Australia, invitation.

KAA 2nd combined camp invitation

The 2nd Kachin combined camp of Australia will be taken place between 27-29 December 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. KAA Melbourne invites every Kachin and their friends not only from Australia also around the world to come and join this event.