The 3rd Kachin Combined Camp in Australia 2013

Since the first Kachin combined camp in December 2009, a decision has been made to hold Kachin camp in every second year. There were two successful combined camps in the past. For the third Kachin combined camp, it was taken place in Sunshine Coast, Queensland between 20th and 23rd September 2013.

Kachins from Perth, Sydney, Melbourne, Wagga Wagga and Brisbane gathered together in unity and actively involved in the event.

Special guest speakers from Burma, KBC Chairman Rev. Hkangda Tu Lum and Fr. Paul Lum Dau, came and participated to make the event more alive. They delivered powerful speeches about spiritual and Kachin history and culture.

The purpose of Kachin Combined Camp is to revive our spiritual life, to maintain Kachin language, culture and tradition in Australia. And to deliver on to the future generations. It is also to engage a superior supportive relationship between the Kachins in Australia.