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Protest against Burmese army’s human rights violations

KAA protest 2012

On April 5th, 2012, Kachins living in Australia held a demonstration to protest against ongoing offensive action by the Burmese army and to raise awareness on severe human right abuses committed by the Burmese government and its army towards the ethnic Kachin people in Burma. A similar demonstration was also held in the United State, England and Japan.

The 65th Anniversary of Burma Union Day celebration in Sydney, Australia

65th Burma Union Day Sydney 2012

Burma’s Ethnic and Democratic Forces in Sydney organised an event on February 12th 2012, to celebrate the 65th anniversary of Burma Union Day. KAA was invited to attend the event and celebrate together with other ethnics of Burma. KAA members from Sydney participated with Kachin traditional dance also with a formal speech from KAA-NSW President which informed Kachin perspective of Union Day and also delivered a message about current crisis in Kachin land.

The 52nd Kachin Revolution Day in Australia, 2012

52nd Kachin Revolution Day in Australia

On February 5, 2012, KAA commemorated the 52nd Kachin Revolution Day and 51st anniversary of the revolution.

In the commemoration, KAA had a prayer service to honour the fallen and for the Kachin people to triumph over the oppression they suffered for many decades. Chanting The Kachin National Anthem and delivering the 52nd Kachin Revolution Day message were also part of the occasion. KAA Sydney, Melbourne and Kachin community Queensland commemorated the occasion respectively.

Kachin Association of Australia 2nd Combined Camp

KAA 2nd combined camp

It has been two years since KAA’s first Australia wide combined camp was successfully taken place in Sydney 2009 December 27th – 29th. The decision was made to have the next KAA Combined camp in Melbourne in 2011. It was also agreed by the KAA members that the KAA combined camp to be held every second year. Subsequently, as of that time members of KAA in Melbourne brainstormed and elected leaders in organising the best camp they can potentially host.

Australia Kachin Christian Fellowship’s thanksgiving opening ceremony


It is pleased to inform that by the grace of our heavenly Father, Australia Kachin Christian Fellowship (AKCF) has recently granted a church for Sunday worship service. Therefore, AKCF had a thanksgiving opening ceremony for the new place on 11 December 2011.

"Save Lives in Northern Burma" Awareness Campaign

Kachin plight awareness

Kachin Association of Australia, NSW Inc, had launched a successful “Save Lives in Northern Burma” Awareness Campaign at the following dates and locations in Sydney, Australia.