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Relief Fund from Chin assocaitions

Kachin relief fund from Chin

Chin people living in Australia concerned about the current situation of war refugees in Kachin state. In November, some Chin associations contacted Kachin Association of Australia (KAA) Melbourne and told that they would like to contribute relief fund to Kachin refugees. Chin churches and organisations from Victoria State, Australai, participated in donation of relief fund.

The 2nd Kachin combined camp, Australia, invitation.

KAA 2nd combined camp invitation

The 2nd Kachin combined camp of Australia will be taken place between 27-29 December 2011 in Melbourne, Australia. KAA Melbourne invites every Kachin and their friends not only from Australia also around the world to come and join this event.

Rev. Ja Naw Jr.’s visit to Australia

Ja Naw Jr. visit to Australia

Rev. Ja Naw Jr., a respected Reverend from Yangon Kachin Baptist Church was invited to 2011 Family Camp organised by Burmese Christian Chruch (Sydney). During his stay in Australia, he visited to Kachin communities in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne.

Ethnic groups from Burma, soccer tournament

Soccer Tournament

On 29 September 2011, a soccer tournament was held in Melbourne for Minority Ethnic groups of Burma. The tournament is organised by New Hope Foundation each year. This year, in 2011, Kachin, Karen and Chin participated and competed against each other.

Fundraising event for Kachin Internally Displaced Persons

Fundraising Event for Kachin IDPs

A fighting broke down between Kachin Independence Army and the Burmese Army on 9, June 2011. As a result, Kachin Internally Displaced Persons(IDPs) are increasing day by day. Most IDPs are taking refuge at remote areas and helps cannot reach to them. They don’t have proper medical attention, foods and shelters.